Beer Occasion Craft Necklace from Consuming Straws

A Beer celebration theme will be added to simply about any form of celebration occasion, from Mardi Gras, to Luau, to Oktoberfest. Why not enliven your Beer celebration occasion with a craft merchandise that provides a bit shade to the celebration.

Beer Occasion Consuming Straw Lei

Thick paper, like cardstock or thick building paper, Consuming straws (two straws for every lei), Yarn (about 2 ft of yarn for every lei), Scissors, Paint, Markers, glitter and glue silicone straws regular size.

This craft is really easy that even the marginally intoxicated can take pleasure in making their very own Straw Lei. You will begin by, drawing and slicing out many flowers from thick building paper. Create your individual fancy or easy flower shapes. From right here you will apply a skinny layer of glue to your lei flowers and sprinkle with glitter. Shake off the surplus and let dry. You may as well apply paint and use the markers to stipulate your flowers.

From right here, your beer necklaces have to be made by slicing a consuming straw into 1 ½ inch lengthy segments. You will want to put a section of straw between every flower on the necklace.

Subsequent, lower a bit of yarn about 2 ft lengthy. Tie a thick knot at one finish of the yarn. Thread the smallest flower by means of the opposite finish of the yarn — push it right down to the knot. Then, thread a section of consuming straw; push it right down to the small flower. Proceed threading flowers and straw segments onto your beer necklace. When the final flower has been threaded onto the yarn, tie the ends of the yarn collectively. Voila! You have accomplished a Consuming Straw Lei in your Beer celebration.

Check out completely different variations on this celebration craft and also you may have the ability to give you a reusable consuming straw Lei for that Beer celebration occasion.

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