Life Coaching Men Through the Recession

Men have traditionally been viewed as role models, providers and leaders of the household. However, shifting patterns mean that although many men still hold these roles, women are seen as just as capable as men of being leaders in the workplace and at home.

The increasing pressures on men and women in the workplace not only impact on their home lives but on their health and well being leading to short and long term ailments however, it is noted that the affects of the recession coupled with traditional roles of males are causing many men to suffer in silence without seeking help with their work related problems. Tony Robbins Tickets

Some common work related fears that men experience during a recession are:

1: Fear of redundancy and job loss.
2: Mid life career crisis – where middle age men occupying jobs for years wish to leave to pursue more challenging roles but fear that due to their age, lack of updated skills, competition and other factors that this will hamper them from new employment/opportunities.
3: Fear that deep down they are not good enough at work and at home.
4: Fear of being perceived as weak if they seek doctors help or other support.
5: Fear that they will lose their breadwinner status and be without a clearly defined ‘male’ role should they lose their job.
6: Fear of the stigma of being labelled as mentally ill is they seek emotional support.
7: Fear of being viewed as incapable and incompetent at work if they do not keep up with deadlines and workloads.

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