Tennessee’s Crack Tax Goes Up In Smoke

Politicians like to spend cash and states work laborious to give you it. A current ruling on an ingenious Tennessee drug tax reveals simply how far they’re prepared to go.

Like nearly each state, Tennessee has tried many various methods to generate new tax revenues. They provide incentives to companies to come back to the state. They create stunning relocation brochures to draw people. Oh, and so they attempt to tax the unlawful medication being bought of their state!

One of many arguments for legalizing leisure medication is the huge quantity of tax revenues that may be generated. Nicely, Tennessee determined to leap the gun. Who must legalize the medication? We are able to simply tax them anyway, however how Tennessee Marijuana News?

The reply for Tennessee was the drug stamp. Tennessee asserted that folks with illicit medication have been required to pay a price in change for the stamp of approval. The price was not low-cost. $50 for a gram of cocaine and $three.50 for a gram of marijuana.

Ah, however what idiot would really go to the state workplace to have his or her medication stamped? Would not they be arrested? Nope. The state promised this may not occur, however who may guess what would occur later.

As you’ll be able to think about, the Tennessee legislation was really handed for a distinct cause. No person actually anticipated sellers to come back down and get their medication stamped. As a substitute, the legislation was used to hammer individuals arrested for medication. Not solely did they face jail, however they’d additionally get hit with “again taxes” on their medication. Throw penalties and curiosity into the pot and the state had a windfall.

This nasty little legislation has been challenged within the courts and you’ll think about the judges rolling their eyes. Sure, the legislation has been dominated unconstitutional and invalidated. Why? The justices dominated that Tennessee can’t revenue by taxing criminal activity. Briefly, the state can’t have its cake and eat it too.

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